teeth whitening tips

Teeth Whitening Tips

Your teeth discoloration may be caused by various factors which include dental hygiene, age, genetics or drinking and eating habits. However, there are many teeth whitening products which are safe like gels, pens, and strips available in the market. Besides, there are teeth whitening tips that you can apply at home and help you achieve more attractive and whiter teeth. To avoid exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals that can result in permanent damage on your teeth the following are some of the tips that you need to now.

Seek Information About Your Teeth

teeth factsYour teeth are composed of porous materials, which can be stained very easily. However, there are teeth whitening solutions that you can do yourself or get from over the counter. It is advisable to consult a qualified dentist for him or her to assess your teeth and tell you whether your teeth need a professional or whether you can do it yourself at home. After understanding the dynamics of your teeth stain then you will be able to choose the best solution for your teeth.

Proper Dental Hygiene

For you to achieve more attractive and whiter teeth, it is essential for you to maintain proper dental hygiene. You must always implement the fundamental flossing and brushing habits. However, even the expensive teeth whitening strips or gels also need adequate sanitation for them to be effective. To avoid plaque buildup, floss and brush your teeth twice or thrice a day. If you smoke, drink or eat the more staining drinks or food, you must do it more often and visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

Avoid Staining Drink

Avoid the highly staining drinks like colas, tea, and coffee. For the smoker, reduces your cigarette consumption or if possible, you can quit. If you cannot avoid these drinks, you must rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking them.

Use Fruits’ Whitening Properties

Some fruits like strawberries have whitening properties. Take a few strawberries and mask them into paste rub them on your teeth, leave it for some minutes and then rinse your mouth. Orange is also another teeth whitener. Use the inner part of orange peel to rub your teeth, leave it for some minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Use Baking Soda

baking sodaBaking soda is an excellent tooth bleaching agent. Take a small amount of it, mix it with lemon juice or water to make a baking soda paste. Apply it on your teeth and then rinse after some minutes. However, this proves a teeth whitening product which you can make from your home. Also, it is a teeth bleaching product which cost you less money and less effort.

However, despite following these essential teeth whitening tips, sometimes your teeth will discolor because of other factors that are beyond your control. These factors include thin enamel, age, or even trauma. Then, this is where you apply the breaching treatments to restore your natural teeth whiteness. Bleaching also removes the built-up stains formed between the cracks in your teeth enamel.

To ensure your teeth stays as white as you want them to be, follow these teeth whitening tips and maintain a bright and healthy smile.


Appreciate Your Natural Pearly Whites


Our teeth are one of the most essential parts of our faces as they determine so much about us including our facial appearance and our speech. Most of the words we pronounce have everything to do with our dental formula and its arrangement. Which is why, from childhood, our parents have been so conscious of our teeth and how best to ensure their healthy growth and development.

Has it ever crossed your craziest imaginations what your smile would be without any teeth in your mouth? They are there for us to flaunt them as well as take the best care of them. This means frequent trips to the dentist for checkups even when we don’t see the need.

Ways to take care of your teeth

Now that we have realized the valuable treasures we have in our mouth, we should guard them with our lives. There are many ways to do so including;

1. Brushing them after every meal.

This ensures that the food particles that stick in between the teeth will not cause tooth decay. Decay means cavities then what follows is everyone’s nightmare, a tooth extraction.


2. Flossing

This involves the use of a thread made up of nylon to draw food particles from between the teeth to prevent plaque from accumulating in between the teeth.

3. Brush your tongue.

This is the most vulnerable part in the mouth and is the best breeding ground for germs which inevitably spread to the teeth.

4. Avoid smoking.

Nicotine, found inside the cigarette causes terrible damage to both the teeth and gums. Smoking once in a long while does not justify anything at all; the best option is to quit it for good.

5. Avoid sugary drinks and snacks.

Sugar is the sworn enemy to clean and cavity free teeth. A tip to satisfying that craving for some sugar is to have fruit.

Teeth whitening

hdhd84This is a topic that has been on most people’s lips, so it’s time we looked deeply into it. First, look at https://mydentalimplantsuk.com/teeth-whitening-costs for you to have an idea of how much it would cost you.

Teeth whitening is basically the bleaching of teeth using agents recommended by qualified dentists. Most people turn to whitening because their teeth become discolored due to circumstance beyond their control such as regular intake of caffeine.

You cannot perform the whitening process on your own teeth; a qualified and certified dentist must be the one to perform it. Also, be wary of the beauty salons that claim to provide such services. As long as they are not qualified and don’t hold any certificates to prove their professionalism, they are doing so illegally, and this might be to the detriment of your oral health.

The cons associated with teeth whitening

It is not a guarantee that your teeth will remain as strong as they were before they were subjected to the whitening process. This is because the chemicals used might react harshly to your gums rendering them permanently weak.

This means that you will not have the privileges of biting into an apple or carrot because of this same problem called weakening. Also, your dentist will have to begin a therapy on how to get your teeth back on track. This might not be such a comfortable procedure, the side effects will attest to that on your behalf.

If you want to go for natural whitening methods instead, check right here.