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Essential Tips to Secure Your Stoma

Maintaining stoma surgery along with discharging from the clinic, treating your stoma is a routine you may want to learn because doctors are no longer there to help you. However, every colostomy patient has a different opinion. While some will develop self-confidence to the point where they can quickly move away from where the doctors left off, it is not so easy for others. Therefore, you could have different ways of securing your colostomy bag.

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Fundamental Knowledge of Stoma

There are three types of stomas, which are found in different regions of the intestine. Your stoma is the pink, cherry-like soft tissue that connects your intestine to the outside world. The stoma acts as an opening through which particular waste is expelled in feces or urine and requires constant but gentle cleaning. Regarding some experienced people, you should change the colostomy bag and clean your stoma. For the duration of my temporary colostomy, the stoma did not get infected, even though you still full of bruises.

stoma patientIt indicates that it has no nerve endings and is associated with pain or excess hot water. However, if you have severe contusions that cause bleeding, contact your doctor. Cleaning around the stoma is not tricky, but you have to be careful about doing all the steps.

Gently wash the stoma with any tissue that has its stoma supply. Clean out feathers and cracks where fecal debris or stale pee can get stuck. You should then use the first sheet of fabric for each procedure. If you notice feces leaking onto the skin, wash them and then pass them thoroughly with wet cloths.

If necessary, you can shower without an ostomy bag and gently wash your stoma. Please use warm water. You should perform this stoma care program at least twice a day.

Stoma Maintenance

For proper stoma care, these aids must always be kept in good health. You will find pre-moistened wipes that you can use but contain products that can irritate the skin. It is a good idea to stick with dry wipes, which can be the wipes. They should not be reused after each use. Besides, they can leave small pieces of paper that may get stuck in the stomach’s feathers or cracks.

It is best to buy soap along with the regular stoma supply. Do not merely use soap with unique additives because this can irritate. If necessary, check the ingredients of the soap. If you have pancakes, one of the common diseases of colostomy, wash the area with a mild soap.

If you choose to shower with the paddle, consider using a shower shield for your stoma. You can use it after rinsing your stoma with sterile water if necessary. This shower shield also prevents debris from spilling into the tub water.

You might prefer a bottle of deodorant to clean your stoma until empty, and then you can change the colostomy bag to the new one. After that, spray a couple of times around the toilet to deal with the lingering odor, especially if it is a public bathroom in a mall or restaurant.


If you lower the holes in the front panel, remember that the spot must adhere perfectly to the stoma. Many stomates cut this opening too small, which causes firm compression of the stoma, resulting in bruising and slight bleeding. It can cause illness and sometimes leads to irritation or infection. It would be best to remember that constant pulling and dragging can cause skin irritation for some. Therefore, if you have a hairy stomach, shave the area from time to time.